At StoneShot when we’re asked to create an email we follow a standard procedure to ensure everything is perfect. The procedure and steps can be altered to meet your company needs, and we can also add in extra elements that might be helpful.

We’ve broken down the process into a number of bitesize steps: brief and quote, design, build, amend, test, data and launch. Here’s what happens when you send in an email for us to build:

1. Brief and quote

First things first, we start with what you brief in, and discuss what you need. At this time, we’ll come up with a timeline and quote for the project which will be dependent on the type and complexity of email you need built.

At this stage we’ll start filling in our quality checklist with the preliminary details of the email. We use this checklist through the entire process to ensure that everything is checked and that nothing is missed.

2. Design

If required, this is when we create a design for your email. We’ll do this in Photoshop, incorporating any specifications or brand guidelines provided. Once ready, we’ll share an image of the design with you. This way you’ll have an idea of what the email will look like before we begin coding it, and if you need any elements changed we can easily make them before getting to the point of building the email.

3. Build

Whether you’ve provided your own design or approved a design created by us, we’ll proceed to building your mobile responsive email in HTML.

We check everything on our end with a colleagues input to ensure nothing has been missed. This includes making sure all the alt tags are correct, it’s displaying properly in mobile, all the links are going to the right places and there are working ‘view in browser’ and ‘unsubscribe’ links.

4. Amends

After the email is built in HTML and we’re satisfied that it follows the brief and design, we’ll send you the link. If you have amends, we make them, test them and send the updated email back to you.

5. Test

As soon as you’re happy with the email, we’ll begin to test it across our inclusive range of email clients, browsers and devices to ensure that the email is displaying consistently.

When we’re happy with all of the results, we’ll send an email test to your inbox, so you’ll see what your clients will receive.

We take our time during testing, and make sure that everything is looking and performing as it should. Sometimes this can be a lengthy process, but better to get it right the first time.

6. Data management

Here we either create a static list based upon segmentation within the app, or with contacts that you send over, or we can use a pre-existing list.

We’ll prepare the data and quality check it, and then import it into the database and assign it to the email.

7. Launch

Once we have tested the email, you’ve approved it, and we have the data we need, we’ll prepare to launch.

We’ll do a final peer-checked test of the email content to make sure everything is as it should be. Then we’ll compile the ‘campaign’ or ‘launch’ details. This is an email we send to you to confirm all of the information we have is correct. We’ll never launch an email without the clear go ahead from you.

Finally, two of us will launch your email, checking everything over one last time, and queuing it to send.

The campaign checklist is closed and process is complete – until next time.

We understand that every client and every email is unique, and the steps we follow are flexible and can vary greatly depending on what is required.

For more information on how we work at StoneShot or details of our other services from CRM and video integrations to adviser lists and our unique lead scoring and document distribution solutions please get in touch at