As with life, music, fashion and…Pokémon, StoneShot too is evolving. Our team of innovators have been busy developing a new and improved version of our app. Having been inspired by industry best practice and after listening to your feedback, we have upped our game and are unveiling the latest version 6 (V6) of the StoneShot app in Spring.

What you can expect

V6 will be packed with cool new features including ‘lead scoring’, which grades your contacts based on their engagement with your emails, videos, fund document downloads and events. It can also handle external transactional data, such as logins to an investor web app.

In addition to this, you can expect to see a full range of improvements. You can tag assets (lists, emails and campaigns) so that you can categorise them in any way you wish.

Life will also be easier if you have teams that cover a wide geographical area within your organisation. You can manage and control the content that different teams have access to, thereby ensuring that they only access information that is relevant to them.

New look and feel

The new version has also been redesigned to create a more user-friendly experience. The navigation menu is now on the left and we have also improved our data visualisation.

Campaign page


You can now measure the success of your campaigns by looking at engagement rates across desktop and mobile, as well as benchmark your open and click rates against the average. The map lets you know where your emails are being opened and you can see which of your contacts have opened your emails the most.

The dashboard also shows you how many of your emails have bounced and how many have been reported as abuse. The slick pie charts and graphs ensure your data is not only helpful but easy on the eyes.

Home page


The Home page provides you with a better general overview of your recent campaigns, and allows you to view what your team have been working on. You get to view the most successful three campaigns over the last month as well as overall opens and clicks.

If you make use of StoneShot’s agency services, you’ll be able to track how many agency hours we spent working on your campaigns along with a summary of current ongoing projects.

Summary page


The summary page reveals new and improved search capabilities. You can now search for emails, lists and campaigns using a wider range of filters and apply tags to your different assets in order to organise them more effectively.

Prepare for the future

We want you to have the best (and safest) internet browsing experience and enjoy industry leading features. You may be aware that Microsoft are no longer supporting Internet Explorer 7 (IE7). We’re following firms such as and ExactTarget and also pulling support for this browser version. The good news though is that V6 will use the latest browser technologies making it quicker and prettier.

We’ll be in touch in the coming months with more information on the new functionality and features. If you have any questions in the meantime please get in touch at