As you’re probably aware, we recently released V6 of our StoneShot app. And one of its new paid-for modules is lead scoring.

Our solution goes further than traditional tools to help you score your leads – and it does this thanks to two features – product tags and weighting:

Product tags

By assigning tags to products, StoneShot can tell you when a particular client is interested in a particular product. It’s crucial information that’s lost using traditional lead scoring tools that simply tell you what percentage of your overall content prospects are engaging with, not which product areas.

It’s a feature that clients frustrated with the limitations of these traditional lead scoring tools asked us for – so we’re delighted to be able to offer it to you now.

And it’s potentially invaluable – revealing people who would previously have been classified as ‘cold’, as the ‘hot’ prospects they actually are.


As you’re probably aware, traditional lead scoring tools assign scores to actions, such as opening an email, clicking a link or attending an event.

And that’s where they stop. But not all actions are created equal (consider the importance of a product-focussed daytime event, compared to an evening cocktail* event). That’s why StoneShot now lets you assign different weightings to each action score.

Simple set up

Lead scoring may sound complicated – and the algorithms behind it are. But it’s relatively simple to set up.

We’ll sit down with you to help you score your actions and assign your weightings. And once lead scoring is up and running we can help monitor and fine tune it to see your marketing and sales teams working better than ever before to close deals.

Interested? Contact a member of team or drop us a message at to find out more.

*We’re not suggesting cocktails aren’t important.