We never stop improving the StoneShot database, and in our latest round of updates, we’ve added handy functionality that separates the analytics pertaining to a seeds list from the larger campaign it was included in.

Adding campaign seeds is a useful feature where you can select a secondary list to receive a campaign. This can come in handy when working on an e-shot with a team of people. Creating a list of these internal contacts and then selecting and sending to this seed list will ensure the whole team receives a copy of the e-shot in their inbox following the main launch to the campaign list.

Up until the latest StoneShot platform release, seeds were included in the main campaign reporting statistics. Whilst this is useful in some scenarios, removing the seeds from the statistics, and producing cleaner reporting, seemed to offer a wider benefit. Our latest release does exactly that — campaign reporting will include only the statistics for the main campaign list and not the seeds list.

Let’s highlight this using a simple example where we take a list of 10 contacts (our main campaign list) and a secondary list of two contacts (our seeds list of internal contacts). Let’s select these two lists on the template list screen:

Template list selection

We’ll now launch the campaign and take a look at the difference in reporting. The first view shows the statistics before the recent update and the second shows a view using the new functionality.

Previous to the new functionality

Campaign reporting - before

Using the new functionality

Campaign reporting -after

You’ll notice from the above that the difference in emails queued between the two campaigns is two. The campaign reporting previous to the new functionality included those two seed contacts whereas the campaign sent after the feature was introduced excludes those from the reporting, leaving you with precise reporting on the contacts that matter.

Things to note

  • The changes to reporting do not affect campaigns sent out previous to this change. This will only apply to campaigns from the date at which the feature went live.
  • Pausing, resuming and purging campaigns will have the same effect on the related seed list campaign.