It’s been another great year of innovation in email marketing. As 2014 draws to a close, we take a look at four email marketing trends from the past year and make our predictions on what to expect in 2015.

Responsive design

Now, think about where you are reading this. Are you in Barbados with an iPad in your hand and the sunset in the distance? Are you flicking through your smart phone on a packed bus? Or, are you in a Cheapside office with pair of large monitors in front of you?

To good marketers, these things matter. Responsive design is the art of ensuring an email looks good across a whole range of devices.

In 2014, Apple launched the iWatch and joined the wearable technology movement. With the growing potential for readers to check emails on their watches, marketers are now considering how their designs look on these new interfaces.

Responsive design is becoming ubiquitous; however, our annual survey indicated that 46% of respondents still cannot view emails properly on their mobiles. This is worrying considering three quarters of financial advisers now check emails on their phones.

The campaign for great British copywriting

This October, the Direct Marketing Association launched its first ever copywriting survey. This is part of a continued effort to bring sexy back to a craft some consider a lost art form.

Once the results of the survey are in, the DMA will look at ways of improving copywriting in 2015 by creating initiatives and training.

We realise that making fund management sound sexy is challenging – especially, considering the amount of compliance involved. However, advisers are humans after all, and are more likely to remember what they read if it is snappy, interesting, and – dare I say – fun.

Segmentation, segmentation, segmentation

With the help of email personalisation, marketers can make sure their emails are sent to the most relevant people. Naturally, this is important. Stamp collectors – after all – don’t necessarily want to know about the latest sale on fishnet tights.

However, sorting your professional investors into relevant groups requires knowing a bit more about them. People can often be reluctant to hand over their information, but recent studies show that as long as the ‘value exchange is enticing enough,’ people are happy to share their details. In other words, if your readers know that your emails will blow their mind, they’ll happily tell you what their favourite colour is.

In 2015, Marketers should be prepared to segment their data, either by asking their readers (using a preference centre), or by carefully monitoring how their content is engaging some people and turning off others.

Scoring those leads

A way to achieve some of that segmentation is through lead scoring.

Some of the most innovative agencies (including one, ahem, you might have heard of) are now allowing clients to rank their leads by examining how they interact with email content.

If for instance, an adviser attends an event that she was invited to by email, then she will score higher than someone who watched a few seconds of a video.

Similarly, you can rank the embedded links in your email. So if another adviser clicks on a main call to action, he’ll be considered a hotter lead than someone who clicked on a social media icon.

This cool and ingenious way of monitoring respondents will only lead to better tailored content and more effective campaigns.

Let’s keep you prepared for the future

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