From the order of the tabs in the email builder to the bright red errors that pop up under Test, the StoneShot app is designed to help you avoid the dozens of potential mistakes that are all too easy to make when building and launching an email. We want to make sure you’re using the app to its full potential, so have put together a few key things to check during the final moments before launch.

Start by viewing the audit history on the ‘Summary’ tab to see if other users have made any not-so-helpful amends between your testing and launching. You should see your username as the latest in the history. Check the ‘Test’ tab after any amends to ensure tracking is applied to all of your links (looking for those green checkmarks) otherwise the database won’t record any opens or clicks.

Send a test email to your inbox and check that all links work, copy is error-free, and content displays (just because an email looks great within the builder, doesn’t mean the email client will render it correctly).

The launch screen gives a final overview of your campaign details including the important ‘recipient list’; a quick glance can save your bacon. Setting the launch time 15 minutes ahead will allow you time to ring in and stop a campaign should the need arise.

Once launched, your 15 minute delay will allow you to press the pause button, pausing the email for a final check.

These quick checks should help you pick up any errors before your email hits the masses. But remember, you can always call on us to test the email on a wide range of email clients and devices.