It’s that time of year again when we vow to adopt healthier lifestyles and set new and ambitious objectives for the 12 months that lie ahead. So we’ve come up with some New Year’s resolutions for seasoned email marketers to attempt, none of which involve a treadmill. Phew.


“I will define my testing strategy…and use learnings”

We all start off with good intentions when it comes to testing emails to gain a better understanding of which subject lines work best or what the optimum sending time is. But tight turnaround times and last minute send requests from stakeholders often see this go out the window.

Devising a simple testing strategy that allows for measurable results to be achieved will help you stay on course during busy periods. Make room for at least two single-variant tests in your email marketing program each month. Then block out time to analyse the results and implement changes accordingly.

“I will look beyond demographics…no more batch and blast”

The inbox is an increasingly competitive place. All the more reason to send personalised emails that connect with your clients. But demographic profiles only tell half the story. Analysing client engagement will provide a more complete picture and improve your email metrics in 2016. The trouble is how you go about it.

Our lead scoring tool will enable you to refine your segmentation and targeting with ease. This is the year to build stronger relationships with your clients and avoid wastage.

“I will make my emails responsive”

Each year mobile activity is steadily growing amongst financial advisers. But we often see inconsistencies when it comes to mobile responsive emails and web forms. Ensuring your digital content is optimised across the board should be high on the agenda.

Remember to test in all email clients, apps and web browsers. Making this part of your check list when new emails and forms are built will keep your content looking as it should.

Let us know how you do. For any advice or to discuss our lead scoring solution, please get in touch at