The distribution of fund documents, such as KIIDs and fund fact sheets, has always been one of the key concerns for asset managers. With the current climate of cutting costs and optimising internal resources, there is a lot of pressure on the companies to improve their technology, processes, timelines, and even marketing materials.

Is creating manual emails for distribution of fund documents still worth the effort?

UK IFAs prefer third party sites

We conduct a yearly professional investor Digital Marketing Survey to help asset managers develop their marketing strategies. The most recent data shows that 52% of the UK professional investors prefer to access fund documents via a third party site, such as Morningstar and Trustnet, and 32% use asset managers’ websites.

Most of the respondents say that it is relatively easy to find the documents they need. It is both positive and negative news for the asset managers – they lose a lot of possible traffic to other platforms. However, it also shows the potential that is still out there.

15% of the UK respondents get fund documents via email, and only 1% subscribes to receive them. This shows that if improvements were made in the email marketing fund document distribution side, there is a large audience that could be engaged by emails as well as directed to the websites with further marketing opportunities.

US professional investors have different preferences

A vast majority of the US respondents (68%) go to the asset managers’ websites to find the documents and only 17% use a third party site. That is a big contrast to the UK audience. With all these current and potential clients visiting the websites, asset managers should use the opportunity for additional promotion. The websites should not be regarded as a simple document repository, but also as a potential source for acquisition of leads.

Only 8% of these respondents get emails with the documents sent to them, and 7% use subscriptions. This data suggests that instead of relying on getting the fund documents via email, the majority of advisors search to find the documents themselves.  If asset managers replaced the manual email build with an automated service, freeing the resources for production of more personalised content, they would have a strong opportunity to enhance their marketability.

Fund document emails: a more targeted approach

A segmented approach to fund document distribution is also supported by the fact that professional investors both in the UK and the US favour to access smaller amounts of documents a week, across a limited number of asset managers:

stats on DDS

This selectiveness suggests that dissemination of fund documents for consumption should be more targeted.  Manual marketing emails with all fund documents would not engage the majority of these respondents. Also, it creates a range of other problems – inefficient use of time and inconsistent sending, risk of human errors with incorrect or missing content, limited personalisation and challenges in getting in-depth reporting.

We offer a Document Distribution System where contacts can select the documents they want to receive as well as modify the frequency of these automated emails. The preferences are matched with the updated documents for correct distribution at a preferred time.

Are asset managers missing out?

A third of the respondents in the US and the UK are accessing more than ten fund documents a week.  24% of the professional investors in the UK and 15% in the US access these documents across more than 10 asset managers too.

These professional investors should be receiving a wider selection of fund documents. Identifying these contacts would give a good opportunity for the asset managers to get more leads, and more leads mean a potential to acquire new customers. With the StoneShot marketing automation system you can create rules to personalise the fully automated emails by looking at the clicks on your links, time spent, user changes, segmentation and other triggers to ease the manual build of emails.

Subscriptions are yet to be discovered

Only 1% of the respondents in the UK and 7% in the US were subscribing to get fund documents. Subscriptions would allow asset managers to vastly advance the user journey for their contacts, by showing a more personalised content in fund document distribution emails. It also offers a potential competitive advantage of gaining speed to market. The faster it gets to your contacts, the faster it could start attracting leads and even assets.  StoneShot knowledge of the industry, ongoing research and up to date benchmarking can help plan and implement your strategic initiatives.

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