ALT text is a word or phrase that can be inserted into an email to tell viewers the nature or contents of an image. The ALT text appears in a blank box that would normally contain the image and either describes the image, repeats the headline for the article or repeats the text that appears in the image.

In the StoneShot App there is an option to add ALT text to every image. Here’s how:

Create a new email in Content or open an existing one. Complete the Summary, save and then select the HTML or Build tab (depending on how your template has been set up).

StoneShot App tabs bar

StoneShot App tabs bar



If you’re using the HTML tab, create your email as usual and when you come to placing your images select the image you wish to import and then click on the Properties tab. Here is an option to enter ALT text. Whatever you type here will show in the email in place of the image when it’s not displayed.



When using the Build tab, create your email as usual and when editing the layout select the ‘More’ drop down that is located with the image link and select ‘ALT text’ to add your description.


Ideally your readers would see your images, but now if they don’t at least they know what they are missing. For further help on using ALT text contact the StoneShot team at