‘Tis the season of giving so, since the festive season draws ever closer, we thought it was fitting to share our top tips on mastering your email marketing strategy during the busy holiday period.

Holiday lights

People still read emails with a mince pie in hand

Before we begin to panic and think everything will come to a standstill come late December, your clients are still reading emails. Some of them even on Christmas Day. We won’t name names.

The point is, although engagement will drop off over the holiday period, it may still be worth sending some of your key communications whilst there is less inbox competition.

If you’re planning on distributing an email on the Monday of the first full business week back, consider sending later in the day. Those that aren’t monitoring their inbox whilst away will already have enough emails to sift through that morning. (tweet this!)

Optimise for your mobile audience

Your mobile audience will likely grow during the holidays, so it’s important to ensure your emails are mobile responsive, or at least mobile friendly. You can be confident at least a few of your clients will be sneaking peaks at their phones wherever they happen to be celebrating.

With this in mind, it’s also worth thinking about your subject lines and preview text. Since your clients will likely be skimming through emails, its important to stand out among the other holiday email campaigns cluttering their inboxes.

iPhone’s have a subject line limit of 41 characters, and Android is even less. This may come as a surprise, but you actually have less headline space in Outlook on a desktop computer than you do on mobile. So test your emails on mobile and keep your character count within mobile display limits to optimise your client engagement. Our tips on putting mobile first are at hand, so you have this covered.

Short and Sweet

Since you are optimizing your campaigns for mobile, make sure you consider how blocks of text look on a narrow screen. A few sentences will go a long way and any more than that starts to look like you sent an abridged copy of “A Christmas Carol”.

Know what you want to say and get to it as soon as possible. No one wants to look at an email and assume they’ll be reading it well into the new year.

Learn from the past

Speaking of “A Christmas Carol”, make sure you’re paying attention to your ghost of Christmas past, AKA your campaign data from past holiday seasons.

The holidays always have a different levels and types of engagement from the rest of the year so it’s important to use what you know from the past to your benefit.

Its also important to continue to split test and try new things to give yourself an even better understanding of your audience’s preferences the next time the holiday season rolls around.

Try, try again

As we established, your audience will be busy throughout the upcoming holiday festivities but still engaging whenever they can. It’s important to realize this when sending email campaigns since low engagement and open rates mean even less than they do during the rest of the year.

Because engagement during this time is less frequent, resending unopened emails should be your default strategy.

Think of your emails and content like gifts; if someone didn’t open a gift you gave them because they didn’t see it , you wouldn’t just let it sit there and go unenjoyed, would you? Don’t be shy, your gift is great and odds are your recipient is going to love it so make sure you send it again so they know it’s there.

Be a bit creative

The holiday season presents the perfect opportunity to inject some fresh ideas into your email designs. Subtle changes that show a bit of festive spirit can go a long way and keep things interesting for your engaged clients, particularly with text heavy communications.

If you’re delivering fund competition emails or incentivising feedback for say a fund manager briefing, Christmas related prizes can give a boost to your response rate.

Another perfect opportunity to bring some holiday cheer to your typical engagement is through your marketing automation workflows. Substitute out your standard follow up or reminder emails with holiday themed emails that serve the same purpose. Small details like this will give your campaigns a more personalized and relevant feeling.

And don’t forget…


Wish your clients a Merry Christmas. After all, any content that prompts some kind of emotion is valuable. Trouble is, getting it right can be an intricate process. Your sales teams will want to address their clients with a personal message, where others will need to receive something more generic from the business. This is where our bespoke Christmas ecard comes in.

It can be designed by you, or by us, and personalised as much or as little as you like. Once it’s created, it’s yours to send to as many people as you wish, using our fully trackable email platform. Your sales teams will be happy, addressing the contacts they wish to, and our app will look after the rest so no one gets missed out.

And as its Christmas, you don’t have to be a client to do this!

For any more tips or to discuss our Christmas ecard, get in touch at support@stoneshot.com.