March 2017 – The General Council of the Bar recently published a second edition of the “Brexit Papers” which included new sections detailing their firm opinions on the importance of passporting in the eventual Brexit negotiations. The report, originally published in December of 2016, is a lengthy document which thoroughly details how the UK’s legal profession believes Continue reading
How important is leveraging data in wealth and asset management companies? “I think it is very important since it reveals a lot of essential information which is difficult to collect in any other way. The use of data becomes especially relevant for monitoring performance and investment activity. These processes can be effectively carried out based on […]Continue reading
“Another pint, please”, is a phrase you’ll be hearing less and less during lunch hours in London’s Square Mile, as Lloyds of London has officially banned alcohol consumption during working hours, driving a nail into the soggy coffin of the City’s drinking culture. What seems like a common-sense policy came as quite a surprise to […]Continue reading
As Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to break (and fix) the internet, we all continue to circle around the same questions: Will AI eliminate the need for my job? Will robots take over? Where do humans fit into the mix? These same questions were asked, believe it or not, back in the early 1970’s when the […]Continue reading
April 6, 2016 – The Department of Labor (DOL) issues its final rule to expand the definition of the “investment advice fiduciary” under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) which will alter the required standard of retirement plan recommendations from financial professionals to clients. This expanded definition makes it legally necessary for all Continue reading
You’ve read tons of articles on email, content and social media marketing. You know to make your emails responsive, to write well-researched content and share it on social media. But have you ever contemplated how all these pieces fit together within a successful digital marketing strategy? Do you want to zoom out and see the […]Continue reading