Do you try to talk to people in their own language? I suppose we all try to, whether consciously or subconsciously. But a new tool called Crystal takes adopting someone else’s communication style to the next level, to create, as its marketing copy says, ‘healthier, more productive’ communication.

According to Crystal, everyone has their own communication style (or personality type). So when you write an email Crystal analyses public data from social networks and other websites to detect your recipient’s communication style. Before you click send it suggests what to say, what to avoid and what to edit.

When you sign up (which you do through LinkedIn) it’ll ask you whose personality you want to analyse first. It pre-populated the form with my own name, so I went for that (like 99.9% of people, I imagine). Here’s what Crystal said about me:

Hayes is a creative influencer: forward-thinking, ambitious, easily distracted, and makes quick decisions that can seem unpredictable.

Do I think that’s true? Maybe. Crystal told me it was 79% confident this was accurate, saying it founded ‘limited data’. It reminds me of Zoopla, which predicts property values and gives you a value range and a similar confident score. I wonder if personalities are as easy to predict as property prices. Perhaps they are.

Crystal then went on to give tips for speaking to me, emailing me, working with me and selling to me.

But sign up and give it a go for yourself. Try it on you and people you know (if you haven’t already).

Like me and plenty of other reviewers for The Guardian, Nextweb and Daily Dot, you’ll probably find it uncannily accurate.

But I can’t help feeling it could be a bit like Horoscopes or (from what I’ve heard) going to see a psychic – it works thanks to the power of suggestion. We’ll never know unless someone compares it to other personality tests (but how accurate are they?) or analyses whether Crystal does or not make communication more productive.

Whatever happens, Crystal is certainly an interesting look at communication, personality and language.

I think you’ll find Crystal creepy and clever in equal measure. I haven’t analysed your social networks to predict that about you. I think it’s probably just a fact.