Ringly - Wearable Tech

Continuing our obsession with wearable technology, here’s the ring that everyone’s talking about. Featured in Glamour, InStyle and Elle the Ringly ring is the latest piece of wearable technology to hit the market – and it’s beautiful.

‘Ringly creates beautiful smart jewellery and accessories that keep you effortlessly connected to the things that matter most.’ says their website.

The ring is connected to your phone and through the app you’re able to set up custom colour and vibration patterns for different types of notifications. So next time you’re in an important meeting or attending an event you’ll no longer have to sit checking your phone for the message you’re waiting for. Another neat feature is that the ring box acts as a charging station.

Made from 18 carat gold or rhodium plated brass and featuring a range of semi-precious and precious gemstones there’s one to suit every power suit in your wardrobe.

We’ll have to wait and see if they take off but they certainly are pretty – with or without the tech.