With the time of giving upon us it felt right to share something new we’ve been working on: StoneShot V6.

Following your feedback we have spent months developing our new version which offers an improved user experience.

Lead scoring

This innovative new feature is every sales and marketing team’s dream. It shows which of your contacts are most engaged with your emails, videos, webcasts and events. You can also identify the people you’re not managing to connect with who may require an alternative approach.

Under the hood this is done by providing weightings to different actions – for example attending an event, opening an email, clicking a link, watching a video. Then each contact is effectively scored based upon their interactions.

Everything we can measure within the StoneShot app helps to build a definitive picture of your most promising leads.

Searching and tagging

These features are all about organisation and making the app more efficient to use. By tagging assets (like lists, emails and campaigns) you can group and categorise them easily. Assets can also have more than one tag, enabling you to group assets in any way you wish.

Gone are the days of scanning through lists, our new search feature takes advantage of these tags to help you quickly find what you’re looking for. You’ll also able to use freeform text search, or search by creation date or user.

When combined, searching and tagging make it easier for you to find your assets, even when they are hidden away in a folder.


Teams are company specific groups of StoneShot app users. You decide which information your users can have access to by assigning them to a team.  Not only does this make the app simpler to use (as only the relevant information is accessible) but it also allows for better control as different geographic regions only see and use the information relevant to them and in accordance with their local regulations.

Fresh new look

As part of creating an improved user experience we’ve also freshened up the look of the app. It’s designed to be clear and easy to use, logical to navigate and beautiful to look at!

The navigation has been moved to the left hand side, multiple tabs have been consolidated and the navigation is now always present. This means everything you need is in one place and you’ll no longer need to flick between screens or lose your place.

StoneShot v6 is responsive. Its fluid layout will adjust to perfectly fit your desktop, laptop or tablet. We have also redesigned our pages to 100% width to provide you with as much space as possible to build emails and view campaign analytics.

More space means better oversight of your email designs and easier analysis, whatever device you are using.

The overall structure of the app remains the same, so you won’t feel lost. It’s just more intuitive and efficient to use. All of which we hope will make your work just that little bit easier and your email marketing just that little bit better.

Testing, testing

As we crack on with the testing phase stay tuned for further news and updates over the coming months here and on our blog. A little closer to launch we’ll spend time walking you through the new app, explaining changes individually and ensuring a seamless and confident transition onto StoneShot V6.

We welcome your thoughts and feedback on these changes, and any suggestions you have please drop us a line at engage@stoneshot.com