Stay fitness smart


We’ve mentioned before how at StoneShot we enjoy keeping up with the hottest in wearable technology and the latest watches from Epson, the Pulsense and Runsense, look great for keeping you fitness smart!

Epson Pulsense


The Pulsense is an everyday heart rate and activity monitor. It measures heartbeat and activity 24 hours a day, tracking your steps, distance, calories, sleep quality, heart rate zones and more. You can use the sleep phase alarm to get you out of bed at the optimal time, set targets, exercise more effectively and stay motivated – making everyday activities count.


The Runsense is the next step up, a GPS sports monitor. On the model SF-510, and above, it combines highly accurate GPS tracking and a built-in Smart Stride Sensor to learn your technique, measuring distance and pace whatever the conditions. You can view real time data at a glance on four customisable screens. All models have up to 30 hours of GPS tracking which will suit all types of runners.

Still not convinced? See what Epson ambassadors, including Harry Judd (McBusted) and Greg Whyte (Olympian), have to say about their smart watches and how they use them in their daily activities.

Epson RunsenseWith all the wearable technology emerging into the market there is plenty to choose from and we’re getting spoiled for choice no matter what the use for it may be!