From a general lack of social media presence to missing social media buttons in emails, it is far too often that social media is overlooked in financial digital marketing. It is often thought social media really has no place in a financial digital marketing strategy so it is largely an afterthought or, at best, social media links and promotions are often confined to the footer of an email.

In reality though, a social media click can be very profitable for branding and your digital presence in the long run. Today’s most successful digital marketing approach is multidimensionality – incorporating best practices from email, SEO and social media marketing in one campaign. Having your content shared on social media platforms opens it up to a much bigger audience than that of an email campaign. All the more reason to break the mould and better integrate social into your email marketing strategy. Here’s a few ideas on how to do just that.


At its core, social media is all about sharing content. Regardless of your business model, B2B or B2C, you have content to share with your clients and prospective customers. Chances are that content lives on a blog and you share it via email campaigns. What if you could add a couple thousand viewers by sharing that same content on social media?


Contrary to some’s skepticism, it seems almost everyone these days is on social media. The channels – Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pintrest – vary based on your field but ultimately you can be certain that there is a niche for you on at least a couple of them.

In addition, making sure that content is SEO-friendly, using it in email campaigns and then sharing it on social media will ensure the highest ROI possible.


Social media platforms are a great way to grow brand credibility with existing clients and awareness with valuable prospects. Clients that view your emails will have an immediate association with iconic brands such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Draw them in by placing icons above the fold or in a prominent position within your design.

Customizing your buttons to correspond with the theme of your email campaign may seem like a good design choice, but according to a Web Designer Depot article, using clean and recognisable social logos in their original format is the way forward. Users should understand what social media platform they’re sharing to and customisation can see these icons fade into the background and go unnoticed.

Click to Tweet

Placing your icons strategically doesn’t seem to be enough. You should give your audience more than just the option to like or follow you. Why not encourage them to share your content? The ‘Click to Tweet’ feature introduced by Twitter is a perfect way to do this.

Click to Tweet

As an alternative to directing your clients to your Twitter page, you could predetermine a tweet for them. They could tweet about your content with literally two clicks. To make matters better, Click to Tweet setup is very easy and tracking is free!

Get this right in your emails and not only will social media promote your brand, it will drive clients and prospects to your website.


What time do you post on social media? Random is not the right answer. Depending on the channel, there are different times of the day and week when you might like to schedule your social media activity.

Best Times for Social Media Activity


In case you are handling multiple social media accounts across various time zones, consider using Hootsuite. It allows you to schedule your posts across all chanels in advance and its free analytics feature is an additional bonus.


Followers matter. Some tips to consider:

  • Your followers are industry influencers or emerging social media stars.
  • Avoid following completely irrelevant or spam Twitter accounts.
  • Follow people from your email list and get connected to other people from their network

As a preventive measure, consider going through the list of accounts you are following every 1-2 months and cleaning it up .

The best part of social media is that the opportunities to innovate and experiment are infinite; plus it’s fun! Before you start, it may be a good idea to devote some time to research. That’s how you will find the best way to encorporate social media into your email marketing strategy in a way that will compliment each other.

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