Running for Bloodwise


On Sunday April 15, one of StoneShot’s very own, Will Helsby, ran the Brighton Marathon for Bloodwise – a UK-based organization that raises money to fund world-class blood cancer research in hopes that one day, through their support, a cure can be found.

Blood cancer is the third largest cancer killer and fifth most common type of cancer in the UK, claiming 14,000 lives a year.

Will and his team of five joined the marathon to raise money for the cause in memory of their friend, Addie Kosmaczewska, who passed away in 2015 of acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (a blood cancer that develops rapidly).

With help from over 100 supporters, including StoneShot, the team was able to raise 120% of their goal… and counting – for a cause that means a lot to them, and many others.

‘6 months of hard training suddenly feels like a small price to pay when you join over 19 thousand other people and hear why each one of them chose to run the 26-mile course. It’s a powerful sight watching every runner and every member of the endless cheering crowds unite to help raise awareness and money for so many worthy causes, and I feel proud to have contributed my small part.’ -Will Helsby

Will proudly passed the finish line in under 5 hours. Congratulations to Will and team for a job well done!

If you’d like to support Will’s team and help raise money for blood cancer research, you can still donate by visiting their JustGiving page.