After selling its unprofitable handset business to Microsoft, Nokia is cautiously venturing back into the device market in a partnership project.

Nokia’s first tablet device, the N1, will be built and distributed by Chinese technology group Foxconn (who also build the majority of iPhones for Apple) and run using Google’s Android operating system.

The Nokia N1 is 6.9mm thick with a 7.9inch screen and 2.4GHz Intel processor. It also comes with Nokia’s Z Launcher which allows users to scribble on the screen to find what they need whilst ‘learning’ these preferences.

Priced at $249 the N1 is targeting the lower end of the tablet market when it hits the shelves in China early next year.

Sebastian Nyström, Head of Products Business at Nokia says “This is indeed a very lean and mean operation. In fact, it’s difficult to even compare it with the huge operation that used to be Nokia’s device business.”

He does however go on to say that this is one of several products in the pipeline so watch this space for the rebirth of the brand that once upon a time was everyone’s favourite handset.