Introducing Wistia


After successful integrations with BrightTalk and Qumu (formerly Kulu Valley), StoneShot are delighted to integrate with another video provider.

Introducing Wistia

Wistia offer flexible and professional video hosting with fantastic analytics and a service plan to meet any team’s budget!

Wistia Pricing

High quality video

When you upload a video to Wistia, they automatically encode and deliver Flash and HTML5 versions at multiple resolutions. This means crystal clear video on whichever device you use.

Wistia’s servers instantly measure each viewer’s connection to determine which format will deliver the best quality video with the least buffering possible.

Our integration

It’s pretty simple. You send a campaign in the standard way, including a link to your Wistia video and any contact that watches the video will be recorded by Wistia.

StoneShot have developed an application that will then harvest this information from Wistia and present it within the StoneShot Platform

Campaign Detail

This allows you to see how many contacts watched the video each day, who they were, their company, how many times they watched the video, the percentage of the video they watched and which device they used.

Heat maps

And if that’s not enough insight into video views for you, let me introduce heat maps…

Heat Maps

Heat maps provide fantastic insight into which part of the video the contact watched. The darker the colour, the more times the contact watched that segment.

Single heat map

In the above example the contact watched 99% of the presentation. The pale green signifies that the contact watched the video once. The little white segment in the heat map is where the contact skipped forward. The darker sections are the parts of the video that the contact re-watched.

Pretty cool.

This functionality is live and available now. To find out more, email us at