Internet for Everyone


We have all been guilty of complaining about internet speeds at one point or another….I know I have! Sitting on the train and not being able to stream my favourite TV programme, load my favourite website before the next tunnel, or being able to see what my friends are up to by checking out Facebook.

Facebook have taken a massive step in bringing internet to people that really do have issues with connecting to the web – and no I’m not talking about us in the UK, we have got it really rather good in comparison if you look just slightly further afield.

The average internet speed in the UK is around 11.6Mpbs, that’s nearly 3 ½ times faster than the slowest place on earth, South Africa who rank 90th in the world’s average speed clocking in at just over 3Mbps.

Facebook to the Rescue!

Facebook recently announced that they have teamed up with French satellite operator Eutelsat, to beam down broadband speed internet from space for Sub-Saharan Africa to enjoy. The partners in this gadgetry hero story are planning to use the AMOS-6 Satellite, and it is expected to come online during the latter part of 2016.

This is just another step towards Mark Zuckerberg’s plan to bring affordable web services to underserved countries. Facebook’s initiative was set up as a way of delivering internet connections to developing countries. For example, ‘Free Basics’ allows people to browse health, employment and local information websites without data charges.

A statement given by Eutelsat said, “Our partnership with Facebook will allow users to connect to the web through affordable, off-the-shelf hardware”, adding that there is “pent-up demand for broadband connections across sub-Saharan Africa”.

Not just Facebook

Of course we can’t forget about Google. The internet giants were actually years ahead of Facebook with the idea of using the skies to beam down internet to developing countries, and currently have a large number of internet balloons circling the earth as you are reading this blog. The Platform is only available for a select group of beta testers at the moment, but Google are constantly adding to their fleet and expect to establish a ring of uninterrupted connectivity at latitudes in the Southern Hemisphere. Visit for more information.