Happy 25th Birthday WWW


One or two of us in the office are old enough to remember life before the Internet, but for the majority of the StoneShot team, it’s inconceivable. Where would you get your news from? Or your music? How would you keep in touch with friends? Or find out the name of that actor in that movie from five years ago? Mix tapes, phonebooks, fold-out maps, and encyclopedias are artefacts from the pre-Internet dark ages that to some wouldn’t feel out of place in a museum.

For better or worse, the Internet has defined 21st century society and has brought us into a New Industrial Revolution, abundant with knowledge, convenience and entertainment. It’s a little unnerving to think how our lives might change in the next 25 years — those science fiction books and movies don’t seem so fantastical anymore. But one thing is for sure: it won’t be boring.

Happy 25th, Internet. And thank you Sir Tim Berners-Lee. We tip our hat to you.