As we grow and evolve as a company, our suite of marketing tech grows and evolves with us, which can afford us some exciting opportunities to improve.

One such opportunity, in the form of StoneShot DNA, is henceforth revolutionizing the way we send out our Click newsletter to our loyal readers.

The person who coined the old adage, “You can’t please all the people all the time,” clearly never had the opportunity to explore the options available in StoneShot DNA. StoneShot DNA allows us to send out fully personalized newsletters populated with content completely based on your interests and your interests alone.

Interested in email marketing but not data analytics? Great!

Want to know more about content marketing but event planning bores you to tears? Fantastic!

Just make that clear in our fancy new personalization center!

Choose the categories that interest you, as well as the tone of the content. If you’re more hands-on, in the trenches of your digital marketing efforts, Technical is for you.

If you’re more interested in the big-picture planning aspect of financial marketing, Strategic is more your speed.

But then again, there’s no reason you can’t do both!

Here’s a quick list of the different categories and what you can expect to find from each:

Client Engagement: Articles focused on getting your clients to interact with your emails.

Analytics: Articles hell-bent on helping you squeeze every last bit of insight out of your marketing data.

Email Marketing: With articles covering everything from crafting the perfect CTA to understanding the psychology of email personalization, this is the category for all things email.

Events: Articles focused on identifying and dissecting the necessary steps towards hosting a perfect client event.

Content Marketing: Tips on how to create great content and, more importantly, how to distribute your content effectively.

Digital News: Everything pertinent to the world of financial marketing covered from an inside perspective.

Once you’ve decided what content piques your interest, simply fill out the personalization center and you will receive a monthly email full of relevant content!

Get all of the insightful financial digital marketing content you want, and none of the irrelevant content you don’t, all through the power of StoneShot DNA!