The latest news on BlackBerry makes a depressing read. The Canadian firm’s new CEO – John Chen – recently told the FT that the firm only has a 50:50 chance of survival. That comes on the back of Q4 financials showing a $4.4 billion loss.

It wasn’t always like this of course. Five years ago, BlackBerry was the weapon of choice for checking corporate email on the road. The Canadian firm played a large hand in the smartphone revolution – and our mobile addiction.

There’s still hope the iconic brand will endure. Chen turned around tech giant Sybase and sold the firm to (other tech giant!) SAP. His plan is to go back to basics and focus BlackBerry on creating mobile solutions for big corporations. The recent tie-in with Foxconn to create the sub-$200 Z3 handset to target emerging markets is an interesting move too.

BlackBerry may be a challenging device for us digital marketers, but we’d still miss it. We wish Chan all the best in his uphill battle.