Soon, tweets will begin to show up in mobile Google searches (and they’ll begin to show up in desktop searches a bit later), just like the good old days before 2011, when Twitter asked Google to pay for access to its ‘firehose’ and Google said ‘no’.

Actually, Google has always been able to show selected tweets and accounts, but only by ‘scraping’ the Twitter website.

A new deal between the two companies means that specific tweets will once more show up in Google searches.

It’s a lesson for us all because it shows how deals between two parties can benefit both – it’s just a case of finding a compromise where everyone ‘wins’.

According to a story on Search Engine Land, Google will probably pay a subscription for access, but won’t pay for every tweet that’s clicked on. Twitter will simply benefit from extra traffic. And Googlers will even be encouraged to download the app or sign up.

What’s in it for Google? Well this proper deal will means its customers (me and you) can access real time information more easily. And that means everyone’s a winner.