There was a time when people could list important phone numbers including their friends, family and work colleagues. But with the increase in mobile technology there has become less need to remember these numbers. But what do you do if you can’t access this important information?

Unfortunately, not much! If you are unable to recall that vital bit of information then you probably have digital amnesia.

Kaspersky conducted a study that explored the influence of digital devices and technologies on people’s ability to remember. They state, “Around half (51%) of the working adults surveyed in the EU would be unable to phone their place of work – let alone contact the customer – if they lost access to their connected device or the data stored on it”.

Digital amnesia’s impact on a business can vary from being an inconvenience to having far greater consequences. For example, if the internet or server connections are down for an employee working from home, this could affect productivity. Whereas an employee losing their device or running out of battery on the way to an important meeting could damage company reputation.

So what should we do about this? In addition to company wide back up solutions ensuring data remains accessible, perhaps it’s also not a bad idea to jot down a few of your most important numbers in order to avoid a sticky situation!

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