Google recently hired Dutch interior design studio D/DOCK to give its 3,000 square metre Amsterdam office a face lift, and, in true Google fashion, the results are amazing. The garage where founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin started Google served as the inspiration for the project. Quirky details like graffiti walls, cardboard box lights, and exposed ceilings were mixed with Dutch elements like the Stroopwafel ceiling panels, the Gingerbread wall covering, and the carrier cycle reception desk. In addition to the fun, awesome, jaw-dropping décor, the office also boasts Google’s Healthy Food program, a gym, meditation room, and desk bikes so all employees can stay in shape physically and mentally. Please excuse us as we go wallow in jealousy.


Here’s a video on how D/DOCK created the sixties caravan that serves as the focal point of the 15th floor: