30 Seconds to Charge

image from Wikimedia Commons

image from Wikimedia Commons

Imagine a world where you can charge your smartphone battery in less than 30 seconds. You order a coffee and in the time it takes to brew your skinny vanilla latte, your phone is fully charged via an induction pad on the counter.

StoreDot Ltd., a Tel-Aviv based start-up, invented a prototype battery that charges from 0 to 100% in 26 seconds. Unveiled at Microsoft’s Think Next conference on April 7, the prototype was built for the Samsung Galaxy 4 and is currently about the size of a laptop charger, though the company aims to reduce its size (after all, we only like power if it comes in small, unassuming packages).

So how did they achieve this amazing feat? Biological semiconductors, of course. Naturally occurring organic compounds called peptides can self-assemble into quantum dots, which can hold a pretty strong charge. If you’d like to learn more, the Wall Street Journal did a pretty nifty article on it.

StoreDot plans to make batteries for other smartphones and hopes to be in commercial production by late 2016. They expect costs to be double that of standard phone batteries, but like all disruptive tech we’d expect mass production to lower costs over time. And really, it’ll be a small price to pay to take full advantage of those expensive unlimited data plans.

There’s no stopping our smartphone addiction. Soon, not even dying batteries will stand in the way.