After several successful forays into the world of marketing automation, Bill from Gold Star Financial Management was starting to get a reputation around the office as a man who could get stuff done. Other teams adjacent to his marketing team began to envy his growing clout and reached out to Bill to see if there was anything they could do to help.

Since marketing automation requires the cooperation of not just the sales team, but practically every department in the company in one way or another, Bill was more than happy to work the sales team into his workflows more explicitly. Because it was their first time being a part of a workflow, Bill decided to keep his workflows simple so they could get the hang of things.

Here’s what he wants:
  • When an email recipient clicks a certain amount of emails regarding a particular topic, the sales team is automatically notified of the valuable lead
  • React to a prospect’s interest in a topic by inviting them to a conference call. Depending on their response, automatically inform the sales team

Solution 1:

Marketing automation workflow 1

  1. Continue to email your prospects information regarding your various offerings, maintaining an organized tagging system to monitor each recipient’s interests
    1. Over time, if the prospect opens 3 emails marked with the same tag, the sales team is automatically notified
    2. The sales team will recognize this prospect as a high-priority lead and continue to guide them down the sales funnel

That’s really all there is to it. Marketing automation workflows don’t need to be complicated to reach their peak efficacy. When it comes down to it, you are working with your company’s other departments towards the common goal of converting leads into customers and often times that can be boiled down to identifying interested leads and sending their information to the sales team. With marketing automation, your sales team will automatically be notified of these high-priority leads so there is no time wasted in their efforts to make a move and convert them while your email is still fresh in their minds.

Solution 2:

Marketing automation workflow 2

  1. A prospect fills out the required information on your website to download a document regarding a topic adjacent to your products/services
    1. Immediately follow up with an email containing a link to the document download
    2. Wait 5 days
    3. Invite prospect to a conference call regarding the topic addressed in the previously downloaded document
      1. If they respond “Yes”
        1. Alert the sales team of the high quality lead
        2. Remove them from the workflow
      2. If they respond “No”
        1. They are removed from the workflow

Again, a simple yet effective example a workflow that seamlessly streams through different departments and acts as a perfect example of how marketing automation utilizes the strengths of various departments to achieve a common goal. Tying in your sales team at the right time could smooth out portions of your sales funnel and streamline the process between their initial interest and converting them into a customer.

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