What is marketing automation? Why is it such a hot topic? Marketing automation is, quite simply, the act of automating your marketing communications with software. And the reason everyone’s talking about it is just as straightforward – because you can use it to unify your sales and marketing efforts and get the right message to the right person at the right time.

Marketing automation doesn’t do the marketing for you. You still need relevant, compelling content that meets your prospects’ needs. But it does help.

A marketing platform essentially links customer information in your CRM with a range of digital channels, such as your website, emails, social media, videos and events.

Tracking codes enable you to know where different members of audience are in their journey from prospect to customer – and lets you deliver pre-prepared information that’s relevant to them.

The trigger for that delivery can be visiting a website or downloading a document.

Here at StoneShot we’re moving towards a marketing automation platform. Right now we focus on the elements that our asset management clients really need the most:

Event automation

Managing an event manually can be hugely time-consuming. Automating the process of inviting, registering and sending out event-related communications saves days and enables our clients to run successful events much more cost-effectively. Our integrated technology brings sales and marketing together. That’s to say, it allows our clients’ sales people to register a client for an event in CRM, which then triggers all the relevant actions and emails in our StoneShot app.

Getting sales and marketing to work together seamlessly

It’s long been an ambition for companies’ sales teams to work efficiently with their marketing departments. Our app allows marketing people to create content your sales team can then distribute, through the use of integrated email and CRM platforms.

Lead scoring

Lead scoring gives sales visible and usable reports of marketing’s efforts. It gives marketing credit for the interest they’ve generated, and allows sales to focus on the prospects which will deliver the most revenue.

So it’s easy to see why automation is so popular.

Our advanced StoneShot Salesforce integration allows you to send HTML content and get access to marketing analytics and lead scoring all within Salesforce, making it even easier to improve your marketing results.

For more information on our future plans and integrations please get in touch with the StoneShot team at engage@stoneshot.com