Your clients rely on fund documentation, such as KIIDs, factsheets and prospectuses, to meet their legal requirements and help their clients make investment decisions. Safe to say this is important stuff. Problem is, our research revealed that only 7% of advisors are getting the documentation they need in the way they want it. So we came up with the most effective distribution solution yet, giving complete control to your clients receiving updated fund documentation.  

The challenge of fund document distribution

This vital information can be found on fund providers’ and third party websites, but from our research, 43% of advisers want to receive updated documentation by email (and who wouldn’t? It’s far easier that way). But the vast majority aren’t, and there’s a good reason behind it.

Manually matching professional investors to fund documents for distribution is notoriously a complex and time-consuming process. You have to painstakingly update Excel spreadsheets and send out lots of emails created in Outlook. Invariably, these emails don’t look great, either. Consistency is low, they may contain mistakes and they’re untrackable, too. Most crucially though, your clients aren’t in control of when they receive updated fund documentation.

Introducing DDS and how it works

So we thought, why not automate the distribution of fund documents and enable clients to choose what they want to receive and when? Our new module, the Document Distribution System, or DDS for short, allows you and your clients to do just that.

The DDS creates a record of documents to be shared, along with a bespoke process that manages the library and works out which documents have changed.

Once this is in place, we build you a preference centre where your clients are able to select which documents they want to subscribe to and when they’d like to receive updates. They can choose specific days of the week if they want.

Finally, the system sends out daily dynamic emails with links to any updated documents. If clients have specified certain frequencies, it will roll up the updates into a single email. In addition, the emails are fully branded and tracked.

All the right things

Delivering the right content, to the right people, at the right time. So what is it that makes DDS so smart? From your perspective, document distribution will be far more efficient. As DDS is completely automated, all you have to do is upload the latest documents. All that added time and stress is gone. And by automating the process, you also remove the risk of human error with things like broken links or branding inconsistencies.

From your clients’ perspective, the benefits are even greater. Our research shows that 47% of UK advisers want to be updated as soon as a new version of a document is available, where as 45% were happy with a monthly update. Others may like to be updated every week. Everyone’s different. So with DDS, clients can select their preference, which helps them schedule updating their clients, too. And to personalise things even further, our trackable technology allows you to identify who is engaging with each piece of content. Less time spent on manual distribution, more time spent on optimising your clients’ end to end experience.

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The DDS takes away the pain of fund document distribution, and gives your clients a better service with a fraction of the overhead. It’s just one of the StoneShot modules that provides a complete marketing automation solution integrated with your CRM platform.

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