The Lowry Hotel, Manchester

Here at StoneShot, our platform has been used to manage a whopping 4725 events at 600 venues enabling us to acquire some deep insight into the world of fund provider events.

We can tell you about venues, distances travelled, duration and times, month of year and the impact of topic. We know what turns financial advisers on when it comes to picking events. Our annual adviser survey, for instance, revealed that 86% of advisers are swayed by location when choosing whether to attend.

But for now, we present to you the ‘top’ five UK venues (based upon a low percentage of no shows, and the number of events held at each venue). If you use the StoneShot platform and want to discover data about the venues you have used, or are thinking about using, get in touch at engage@stoneshot.com

The results

Unlike Game of Thrones, when it comes to hosting events, the North seems to be well and truly winning. The top four venues on our list are north of Watford Gap. In addition to this, Downton Abbey styled mansions seem to be a real draw for delegates.

Number 5 – Trinity House, Tower Hamlets

In at number five is a bit of British maritime history. Originally set up to ensure the safety of shipping and seafarers, the corporation of Trinity House was granted Royal charter in 1514 by Henry VIII.

As an event venue, StoneShot calculated an 89.8% attendance rate, based upon 14 events and over 1000 attendees (with just 117 no shows).  It would seem that attendees can’t seem to resist the allure of a bit of naval history.

Number 4 – Marriott Hotel, Fylde

Nestled away in a Preston countryside is the Fylde branch of the Marriot Hotel. Originally a Victorian manor, the building is located in 11 acres of woodland and contains a meeting and business centre.

According to our data, this opulent Victorian manor is proving hard to resist for financial advisers, with an attendance rate of 87.8% based on 20 events and 1151 attendees.

Number 3 – Dunston Hall, Norfolk

Built in 1859, this stately home is buried amidst 120 acres of stunning Norfolk countryside. Dunston Hall has 169 bedrooms and 11 state of the art conference rooms. Delegates are also welcome to spend a few hours on the par 71 golf course.

Out of the 1551 registered attendants across 30 events, only 197 delegates failed to show up. This represents an attendance rate of 87.3%.

Number 2 – Aston Hall, Rotherham

With a 93.5% attendance rate across 14 events, the historical Aston Hall comes in at number two. Originally built in 1772 as a private home, the building opened up as a hotel in the 1980s and delegates can now enjoy their fund updates in a Georgian setting.

Number 1 – The Lowry Hotel, Manchester

The Lowry Hotel tops our list as the most successful venue choice for fund provider events. The building was originally the home of the famous printing company that produced cult classics such as The Dandy and The Beano.

Of the 16 events held at this venue, there were only 118 no shows from a total 1284 registered delegates. That represents a 90.8% attendance rate.  The venue also has a high invitee-to-registrant rate of 0.74%.

StoneShot can manage all aspects of your events and roadshows. From the design and build of event microsites, to scheduling and sending email invitations to attendee check-in and automated CPD certificate distribution.  To find out more about our event offering or our exclusive event Insight contact us at engage@stoneshot.com.