Author and questionologist Warren Berger argues that while we’re all hungry for better answers, we must first learn to ask the right questions.

In one of Warren’s blog posts, he talks to a middle school teacher who says: “I think a safe, positive and open environment is essential to getting ALL kids to feel comfortable asking questions in class, So how does one create a safe environment? The teacher must foster a classroom where students respect each other and feel that if they contribute their questions no one will make fun of them or snicker behind their back”.

Applying this to fund manager manager events, your clients may have the right questions, but not the right opportunity to ask them. The StoneShot development team were asked to design a solution to allow clients that have registered for an event to be able to ask a question directly to the event speaker.

Within the StoneShot Event Application this is possible in a number of ways. Clients can now:

  • Contact you directly allowing you to enter the question into the system on their behalf
  • Ask a question at time of registration
  • Ask a question at a later date on a custom built form

That’s not all, the StoneShot Public API also allows third party applications to submit questions.

Fund managers can now access these questions, choose to either accept or ignore them, then export them and send the questions directly to your speaker before or on the day of the event.

Successful speakers incorporate questions into their presentations, usually at the end, but now with this extra information, the speaker will be able to target their presentation more precisely.

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