Holiday season may be drawing closer but as you devour pumpkin-spiced everything, we’d like to draw your attention to an exciting industry event. The PAICR 2017, organized by the Asset Management Marketing Association. PAICR is a great opportunity for financial marketers to meet and connect with like-minded peers and discuss the state of the industry.

We’re excited to also share that StoneShot will be attending the 2017 Annual PAICR Conference in New York City on 13-14 November. The topic of the event is “Agile Marketing in the Age of Disruption. Build. Measure. Learn. Repeat.”. The forum is bound to host interesting speakers and circulate insightful discussions. Come learn how financial marketers can improve their agility and adapt to the changing environment of their metier!

Why is it important?

As a tech provider and a guide for financial marketers all around the world, the focus of this year’s PAICR conference is near and dear to us at StoneShot.  We believe these are crucial times for the industry and our sole mission is to facilitate the sometimes rocky road of technological innovation.

As PAICR speaker Andrea Fryrear writes, “modern marketing exists in a state of constant disruption, and it shows no signs of getting simpler any time soon.” With 2018 right around the corner, is there a better time than the present for financial enterprises to reevaluate their digital marketing strategies and pinpoint areas that need improvement? We think not!

Come say hi

If you too are attending PAICR, don’t hesitate to drop by. And if technology and marketing agility are not incentivizing enough, we’ll also have cool swag and a raffle with prizes.

Even if you aren’t attending the event, you can learn more about enhancing your digital marketing strategy by contacting us at