Picture this; the day of your carefully planned event has arrived, you have the latest delegate list ready, your badges are printed out and arranged alphabetically (with a couple of spares at the ready for substitute delegates or welcome +1s!), and the coffee is hot. Your guests begin to arrive and you greet them, tick them off the list, find their name badge and show them through to the refreshments.

Although there’s nothing we can do if your mind goes blank and you forget if ‘J’ comes before ‘L’, we can add a bit of technical wizardry to the registration process.

StoneShot’s iPad app

The iPad app allows delegates to be easily checked-in as they arrive at an event.  Multiple users can check delegates in, thereby speeding up the registration process.


Freely available from the Apple App Store, it downloads all registrants and uploads attendees back to the StoneShot platform. Some tasks you’ll need to be online for – for example downloading your attendee list and syncing it back into your database post event – but it’s not a problem if you’re offline at the venue during registration.

Real-time reporting and triggered emails

Other clever things you’re able to do on the spot include adding a new delegate and modifying their details.  You can also keep a real-time eye on registrant and attendee numbers for last minute catering changes!

Once everyone is registered and the event is in full flow it’s time to synch your data back into the StoneShot app. This will allow you to immediately report on numbers at the event and trigger a ‘Welcome to our seminar’ or ‘Here are some resources you might find useful today’ type email automatically to attendees.

The bigger picture

But this is just one innovative element of StoneShot’s event offering. With our app you can manage your event from start to finish. We can take the headache out of the logistics of running an event or roadshow with our dynamic emails, email scheduler (and schedule calendar which shows overlap between multiple events or sessions), automated CE/CPD certificates and integration with your website.

For more information on the StoneShot Events app or to activate your check in app please contact us at support@stoneshot.com