At StoneShot we have developed an easy solution that allows your recipients to simply click a button to confirm or decline an event invitation.

One click registrations is a super alternative that can be used where you have a list of invitees and know all their details such as email, first name, last name, phone number. If you need any extra detail from the recipient you would have to use a regular form instead.

So if you schedule an event with a list of closed invitees, you can add the following links to your register and decline buttons or hyperlink in your email.


<a href=”{MEMBERURLID}&e={EVENT:ID}&es={EVENT:EVENTSESSION:ID}”>Register</a>



Invitees just need to click or tap on either REGISTER or DECLINE to register their choice straight away.

Advantages of using this approach, when you have a closed list, are that there is no need to build a registration page and recipients don’t need to fill in their details as they are already stored in the database.

Furthermore, the decline button can also play an important part in your campaign. Normally people wouldn’t fill in a form if they want to decline an event invitation but with this option you’re more likely to get a response. Also, the contacts who clicked ‘decline’ won’t receive any more reminder emails about this event.

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