Our latest Digital Marketing Survey (DMS) is complete, the findings have been analysed and we are ready to share them with you. This year we quizzed 317 UK advisers, 217 US advisors and 107 French advisers and once again we have solid evidence that advisers love events.

In the UK most attend around seven per year with 11% popping along to more than one a month.

We also made significant findings on the way in which people want to register for events – it’s all online. Gone are the days of calling your sales rep and even visiting a third party site is diminishing in popularity. Advisers want to be able to register from your website.



Similarly the online trend extends to hearing about events. Email is by far the preferred method for receiving invitations, directions and agenda information.


But our research goes deeper than this. We work for 40 fund groups and have been analysing over 22 million invitations, 63,723 attendees and 1,447 events and are currently putting together the most comprehensive event manager’s Insight to help make fund provider events more effective.

We look at venues, at distances, durations and times, at month of year, impact of topic and multi-manager events. We also look at multi-stage email campaigns and reminders to enable you to really fine tune your event offering.

As a teaser, let’s take a look at UK venues. Our DMS findings told us that 86% of advisers are swayed by location when choosing whether to attend an event. Here is what we discovered when we looked closer:

  • The most popular venue (by number of events) is Rudding Park Hotel, Harrogate
  • The best venue by dropout rate is Apex City Quay Hotel (Dundee)
  • The best venue by total numbers of registrants (by average per event) is The Brewery, London

On top of this research we also develop the technology to make it easy for advisers to register and attend events and straightforward for event managers to manage them.

Our Digital Marketing Survey also covers email, mobile content, document distribution, social media and video. If you would like to receive the full document, or speak to us about our events Insight, please get in touch at engage@stoneshot.com