Navigating the compliance complexities of the financial services industry while promoting events can be tricky. What marketers can do, however, is to look for more creative solutions to build engaging, yet compliant event emails.

Previously we discussed the importance of a call-to-action and now, we’ll cover additional ways to enhance your financial events emails.

Offer the right type of value

If you’re searching online for generic event marketing tips, everyone will suggest you offer value to attract registrations. In various industries event organisers are offering intriguing gifts for all attendees, engaging competitions, freebies or giveaways. However, events, as all marketing activities in financial services, require strict monitoring for compliance purposes. Thus, asset managers usually cannot promote luxurious hospitality or gifts to attract registrations.

Value needs to come in a different format. To get attention from your clients, you need to present expertise in your field, knowledge of your products or even educational tips. A chance to interact with fund managers, Q&A time and networking opportunities can be great selling points for your event.

Plan your email campaigns

While planning your event campaign, you need to look at the timelines for email deployments. When will you send a save-the-date? How long after will you deploy the invite? How many reminders are you planning to send and when? All these details are important. Try to avoid sending last minute invitations – remember, your clients need time to plan.

When creating mock-ups for your event emails differentiate their designs and text in accordance with their purpose. In our most resent Digital Marketing Survey we have found that 76% of the US professional investors and 85% of the UK respondents do not want asset managers to resend emails they haven’t had a chance to read.

Just adding a reminder to the header of your original email or to the beginning your subject line and sending it to the same audience isn’t enough anymore.

Try other things. For example, changing the banner – it should be in line with your overall events design but it could also look new and somewhat different from the original one. You can also amend the text and change some promotional angles. For instance, in one of your reminders try highlighting another speaker. You can A/B test your key advertising angles too. Maybe some of the previous non-registrants would be interested in the educational aspect of your event, and others would be attracted to the networking opportunities.

Don’t behave like spam

Spam. We all know that we need to avoid spam words. But spam is not just the language and words you’re using, but also the frequency of emails. You need to plan out the cycle prior to deployments, and remember that event campaigns usually involve a lot of emails.

In the mean time, you are most likely sending other types of emails to your clients, such as fund document distribution communications, newsletters, webcasts, or fund commentaries.  Make sure your contact list segmentation is well planned! You don’t want to be spammy in the number of emails you send to contacts within a week or even a day.


Segmentation is important in any type of email campaign. Event marketing is no exception. Once you have planned out the event email cycle, try to work on the targeting – think of the different user journeys. In addition to your usual client segments, you could add other layers. For example, target previous attendees who left positive feedback or invested after the event. You would probably want to speak to them in a different way than you would normally talk to your new leads.

Also, try adding further segmentation to your mailing lists according to the action your email recipients have or have not taken during your event email cycle, such as:

  • Opened the email
  • Haven’t opened the email
  • Clicked and registered
  • Clicked but not registered
  • Forwarded
  • Registered and not attended
  • Registered and attended
  • Registered and left positive feedback

As you’ve now discovered, there are many ways to make your events emails more effective.  Even though marketing activities in this industry require meticulous planning, writing and designing, promoting your financial events can still be exciting! And with just a few changes, you can improve your email engagement and event ROI.

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