Which advisers are you inviting to your investment events? Are they the people most likely to come? Are you continually asking the same people to travel long distances? Could you make your invitation list even smarter?

We spoke to 520 UK advisers as part of our Digital Marketing Survey and one of the most interesting things we discovered was this:

71% of advisers said they were willing to travel up to 30 miles to attend an event but only 9% said they would travel more than 50.

So if you’re holding an event and sending out invitations to the list of your best customers, you could be damaging your brand.

You may in fact be leaving invitees feeling frustrated that they can’t attend your event, because it’s too far away. But what if you knew where they lived and what venues they’d attended in the past.

That’s one of the key benefits of The Core, one of (if not) the cleanest, up-to-date lists of investment professionals in the UK.

We can compare your list to it and let you know which of your invitees are unlikely to attend your event, because it’s too far away.

You can remove them from your invitation list, meaning your response rate will shoot up. Perhaps more importantly, you won’t annoy some of your best customers by inviting them to something they’ll never come to.

Not only will you not annoy them, you may actually turn the situation into an opportunity to delight them. You can personalise messages for these people along the lines of ‘we know it’s probably a bit far away from you but we’d like to send you some information (or a video) after the event’. They’ll still have the option to come. And they’ll feel warm and fuzzy that you’ve thought of them, instead of feeling frustrated your event is too far away.

Here’s another interesting fact we found:

66% of advisers said they would attend an event hosted by a fund provider they hadn’t previously done business with.

So in addition to using our data to not invite people on your list who are unlikely to come, you can also use it to supplement your list with new prospects who are.

Once you’ve chosen your venue we can look at our database to see which advisers have travelled there in the past, and you can add them to your invite list.

We’ve got lots more events insight to share from our Digital Marketing Survey – and from helping fund providers organise over 4,725 events in over 600 UK venues.

Contact a member of our team if you’d like to find out more about how our software and services can help you hold your best attended events ever.