I admit to not seeing any mention of ‘StoneShot’ in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s novels, but with the upcoming release of V6, our new app, we won’t be banging on the doors of 221b Baker Street for help finding things.

The Client Services Team at StoneShot have started rigorously testing V6’s new functionality and exploring its new features, and we wanted to start sharing a few of our favourites with you. 

Now, I’m sure you’ll have experienced the tale of woe that I’m about to tell. You’ve spent months organising your StoneShot database, foldering away your email templates so it’s tidy and that gold star is winging its way to you for sure. However, you now need to copy an email from last year, but can’t quite remember where you’ve put it. If only there was a handy search box… well now there is, and more!

First up, the search box. You can put the name of your email template or the subject line into the search box, and any templates that match your criteria will appear.

We didn’t stop there though. Now you can filter on emails that you’ve created, or new templates that were created in the past two weeks, making it much easier to navigate your way around your StoneShot database.

Want more? You can also filter on creation date, updated date, the creator, the tag (more on those soon!), the team, the list and even the master template that’s been used! If you still can’t find it, then off to 221b Baker Street for you!

The content summary page

Content summary page

The content summary page reveals these new and improved search capabilities. You can now search for emails, lists and campaigns using a wider range of filters and apply tags to your different assets in order to organise them more effectively.

Now I’ve found my email in double-quick time, I think it’s time to settle down for a read and pass on some tips to Mr Holmes.

For more information on V6 or if you have any questions, please get in touch at engage@stoneshot.com