Introducing three new ways to organise and find your content, courtesy of the latest version of our app, StoneShot V6.

No more digging

Many of you told us that it used to take a bit of digging to find your work, so we’ve developed V6 to allow you to tag, filter and search to your heart’s content.

Let’s look at each of the new features in turn:


Quite simply, tags allow you to categorise your emails, campaigns and lists with keywords of your choice.


Not only will tags enable you to find what you’re looking for faster than ever, they’ll also mean you can view reports for a particular category, as well as a single campaign.

So for example if you want to see how your weekly newsletters have performed over the last month, you simply type the words ‘weekly newsletter’ into the search box and you’d see everything tagged with those keywords.

Categorise your email on the summary tab:



Another new feature is filtering. This lets you filter emails, campaigns and lists by 11 different variables, including region, creation date and distinguishing between your work and your team’s work. Just like tagging, these filters make finding your work a breeze.



In the search box, you can now search campaigns, lists and emails by name, subject line or tag, helping you find exactly what you what in an instant, without having to use ‘Ctrl F’ or scrabble around in individual folders.


Contact us to upgrade now

Have you started using V6 yet? Would you like to receive the update? Contact a member of the team and we’ll be happy upgrade you to the new version, so you can start taking advantage of the new tagging, filtering and searching features right away. We’ll arrange the right level of training and support you need for a seamless changeover.