The new version of the StoneShot app, V6, is here. We’ve given it a complete makeover based on your feedback and it’s now easier to use and more useful than ever.

One of our exciting new features is engagement.

On V6’s campaign screen you’ll see two donuts. The one on the left shows who’s engaging with your email on a mobile device and who’s viewing on their desktop. Rollover or click the portion of the donut and you’ll see the exact percentage.


The donut on the right shows gives you an idea about how long people have engaged with your email.

Previously whether someone spent one second or three minutes on your email, it was classed as an ‘open’.

Now, you can see if someone has simply glanced at your email (less than two seconds), skimmed it (two to eight seconds) or read it more comprehensively (eight or more seconds). This gives you an idea on how your content is performing. Again, when you rollover or click each section of the donut, you’ll see exact percentages.

Contact us to upgrade now

Have you started using V6 yet? Would you like to receive the update? Contact a member of the team and we’ll be happy upgrade you to the new version, so you can start taking advantage of the new engagement features right away. We’ll arrange the right level of training and support you need for a seamless changeover.