This month we take a look at the new event screens that form part of the V6 app relaunch in the Spring.

V6 will be packed with cool new features including lead scoring, which grades your contacts based on their engagement with your emails, videos, fund document downloads and events. You can also tag assets (lists, emails and campaigns) so that you can categorise them in any way you wish and find them easily! Introducing ‘teams’ helps you manage and control the content that different users have access to, ensuring that they only see information that is relevant to them. We’ve also given it a new intuitive look and feel.

Our clients tell us that Events are a really important part of our offering, and so we have overhauled the way events are managed in the app.

  • You can now manage the invitees straight from within the event itself.  That includes pulling in a list of contacts, right through to marking individuals as attended.
  • We’ve implemented dashboards that show you all the headline stats that you need to understand the success of your event.
  • We’ve simplified the process so that configuring up the event itself is more straightforward.
  • We’ve made the screens responsive so that they are easier to use on a variety of devices.

Let’s take a look at some of the new screens.


Top level dashboard screen giving you an overview of the events you’re currently running.


Event dashboard with latest attendance stats.

Prepare for the future

We want you to have the best (and safest) internet browsing experience and enjoy industry leading features. You may be aware that Microsoft are no longer supporting Internet Explorer 7 (IE7). We’re following firms such as and ExactTarget and will also be pulling support for this browser version. The good news is that V6 will use the latest browser technologies making it quicker and prettier.

We’ll be in touch in the coming months with more information on the new functionality and features. If you have any questions in the meantime please get in touch at