Every marketer in finance

Liked digital a lot


But cracking the code

Was harder than thought


Data was siloed, user journeys fragmented

And back to that data, it was barely segmented

It could be the data wasn’t managed just right

Or perhaps all the systems just weren’t very tight.

But I think that the most likely reason of all

Was integration amongst teams was three sizes too small

Harry with a wreath

But whatever the reason,

The tech or the crew,

Capturing a journey seemed impossible to do.

Staring down at the plan with the intricate tasks,

The goal seemed jarring and too much to ask,

For they know every department was trying to keep

from losing their minds trying to compete


“We’re tracking our cookies” they say to those near

“The 360 degree view is practically here.”

Then they sighed and said with antsy fingers drumming

“We must get user journey maps up and humming.”


Then the team and all groups they sat down to meet

And they’d meet! And they’d meet!

And they’d MEET!




They would meet with product and sales and compliance

Which of course meant that tech must be part of the alliance



They’d do something

They found hardest of all

Every stakeholder at stake, the tall and the small

Would stand close together, with opinions all ringing

They’d stand hand-in-hand, one decision all singing

They’d sing! And they’d sing!
AND they’d SING!



And the more they’d agree on this whole data upswing,
The more the teams thought “We can solve this whole thing!”
“Why, marketing’s return has been tough until now!
“We can capture the journey afterall!

   …But HOW?”


Then they got an idea!

An impossible idea!



  1. Set the stage
    Ensure all involved teams are on board and invested in your efforts
  2. Join the data together
    Connect all data systems together through any available means
  3. Segment and tag the data
    Organize all content and contacts through a central tag strategy
  4. Put the data into action
    Apply preferences and findings from behavior to all contacts and distributions
  5. Review, learn and enhance
    Analyze campaigns and dashboards to continue to improve engagement

And the team, with their eyes all aglow,

Stood puzzling and puzzling: “How could it be so?

“It came with great tech! It came with great tags!”

“It came with a unified team and no lag!”

And they puzzled for hours, till their puzzlers were sore

Then marketers thought of something they hadn’t before.

“Maybe journeys,” they thought, “don’t come from just tech.”

“Maybe journeys…perhaps…need a full scoped spec!”


And what happened then…?

Well…the marketers say

The user’s engagement

Grew three times that way!

And the minute they heard this,

They whizzed with the news

And they brought back the data! And stats for the meet!

                And they…


The marketers solved the great feat!