Every email has an objective, and in most cases the aim is to push contacts to your website or landing page where they can find out more about what you have to offer which will then hopefully convert into a lead or sale.

But without strong calls to action your hope of ever securing the contact’s attention away from the email is unlikely.

We send out over two million emails for financial companies each month, we carry out annual adviser research and we stay abreast of the latest developments in email marketing. Here are our simple recommendations for call to action success:

The fold
The fold was a term first coined for news print, referring to the point at which the publication was folded and rendering all the copy on the other side invisible. Nowadays the fold refers to the point of scrolling, so ensure your call to action and important copy are positioned in the top half of your email or risk them going unnoticed.

Decisive text
‘Read more’, ‘click here’ and ‘find out more’ are all a little dull and over-done. Be creative with your call to action copy, try decisive phrases to inspire more clicks. Instead of ‘click here’ try ‘download the latest factsheet’, this way the contact knows exactly what they’re getting and are more likely to click.

The squint test
Although we can’t take credit for pioneering the almost-entirely-scientificsquint test’, we can definitely see the merits behind this approach. Simply squint your eyes and scan over the copy – if the call to action text is not immediately distinguishable, you’re losing clicks.

Example one.
Standard hyperlink text call to action squint-test_call-to-action_textonly
Example two.
Investing some time in a call to action buttonsquint-test_call-to-action

Target blank
Clicking a link and entering an unknown website is like heading into a maze. After spending just 3-4 minutes on a website it’s likely you will need to hit ‘back’ several times to get to your original email. Blank target links open links in a new tab or window allowing your contacts to always find their way back.

With advisers receiving up to 100 emails from fund providers each week making the key links stand out has never been more important.

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