Most of our clients are now up and running with our new V6 platform, and here at StoneShot we’ve been busy getting new updates and enhancements in place which we are excited to share with you.

Let’s take a look:

Latest updates

  • Campaigns sent to single contacts have been removed from the Home screen stats. This means the metrics of only your relevant campaigns will be displayed rather than the minor ones.
  • A ‘Type’ filter is now available so you can filter emails by HTML or Builder and filter lists by Standard List or Dynamic.


  • Want to send on or have a hard copy of the questions posed at an event? These can now simply be exported from the Events screen.

V6 integration with Wistia video provider

Following successful integrations with our partners BrightTALK and Qumu, we are delighted to announce that Wistia is now integrated with StoneShot V6. Wistia offer flexible and professional video hosting with advanced analytics and video marketing tools.

One feature that really stands out is the user heat map, which provides so much insight, you can practically tell what your viewers had for breakfast. Here’s how it works:

Heat maps identify which part of the video the user watched. The darker the colour, the more times the user watched that segment.


In this example above, the user watched 71% of the first video and 17% of the second video. The white segments in the heat maps signify where the user skipped forward, the light green is where it was watched once and darker segments are the parts of the video the user re-watched.

Find out more about this feature in action here.


We have also made subtle enhancements to the following features within the app to improve your user experience:

Searching and tagging

  • Searching in V6 just got even easier. The new email, list and campaign tagging feature has now been extended to Smartforms. Search for your Smartforms by user, creation date, keywords and more.
  • The tagging feature can now be managed by Admin users. Happy tagging!

Shortcut to Events screen

  • We love a good shortcut. Our latest update means you can now click through to an event from the Campaigns screen. In the Summary tab, campaigns have a link to the event they are associated with. Simply click here to navigate straight to the Event screen. No need to scroll anymore.


We hope you enjoy using these new V6 features and find them useful. If you would like to know more about our app, please watch our short video. Need any help with using V6 and its features? Get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!