There’s so much to be thankful for this time of year! If you are as geeky of a marketer as we are, take a minute to acknowledge and appreciate the irreplaceable features that make modern email marketing powerful and innovative. When was the last time you slowed down to appreciate what’s in front of you?

Dynamic Content Distribution

Possibly one of the most glorious automatized features of email marketing, DCD, can personalize your campaign in many ways – from addressing your readers by their first name to auto-populating content based on preferences. Organizing and sending an email marketing campaign has never been easier – just one click. The days of manual email labor are over – so much to be thankful for!

Plain Text

Click Plain Text


Any experienced email marketer will tell you that a sleek HTML email without a text version can’t get you very far.  It helps your HTML email avoid the spam folder. Plus, since not all applications and devices (for example, Apple Watch) display and support HTML, using plain text is how you can make sure everyone can read your email. Isn’t this marvelous?!


Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are what set the pace of today’s marketing campaigns all around the world. For email marketing, in particular, the benchmarks used to judge a campaign’s success are typically open and click rates but, thanks to extensive tagging capabilities innovated by certain ESPs, you can now make your KPIs much more campaign specific!

With clearly defined KPIs, there is no marketing mountain you can’t conquer!

Engagement Scoring

What if we told you there is a close-to-magical feature that shows you which readers interacted with your content the most, including their company, job title and the device they used? Get all the important post-campaign assessments with engagement scoring, and thank the email marketing dev wizards for this game-changing innovation.


warning of click tracking

Sending an email with a broken link or other small, thoughtless errors happen to even the best of email marketers, which is why we are so thankful for the ability to track links. Tracking is the equivalent of going back in time, allowing you to fix any part of your email. So next time you change the destination of a link post-email launch, don’t forget to quietly whisper a few words of gratitude to the gods of email marketing for that glorious tracking widget!

Feedback Loop

This handy service, which can tell you if and when clients send your mail to the spam or junk folders, is a perfect example of how the small things can prove to be the most powerful. With a simple application sent to your Mailbox Provider (contact information, IP address, email address), you can get a FBL enabled. You’ll be plenty thankful when your feedback loop helps you quickly identify campaign issues and unsatisfied members so you can quickly fix your campaigns on the fly.


Undoubtedly, the fairy godmother of email marketing! Testing helps you turn a shabby and rippled email pumpkin into a marvelous digital campaign carriage. Whether it is multivariable or split testing, no marketer can imagine an email campaign without it. Raise your glasses!

give thanks after thanksgiving

Hopefully, next time you are crafting a campaign and stumble upon a widget that eases your workflow, you would stop for a second; remember that we are indeed blessed to be living and working in such a quickly progressing industry where innovations happen every day. Happy Thanksgiving and we hope to keep your heart full of [email marketing] gratitude all year round!