All StoneShot email builder templates are made to be mobile responsive.  This means they’re built to look good on screens of many sizes – whether mobile or desktop. Email builder templates have a lot of options for layouts you can use, most have layouts specifically designed for adding images, and whenever possible you should use these!

However, we know we can’t predict everything you might need, and maybe you need to add an image into a layout that wasn’t designed to accommodate them responsively. It’s not impossible! With a couple of quick extra steps, you can make sure images you add to different layouts display responsively and don’t break your email (adding an image incorrectly can break your template, and cause it to no longer behave responsively).

We’ll go through the process of adding an image to an email template that wasn’t specifically designed to accommodate an image (for example a text layout).

1. First things first, navigate to the layout you want to add the image into, and click on the ‘Insert/Edit Image’ button (you’ve probably done this part before, elsewhere!)

When the box comes up, click on ‘Browse’ over to the right:

Upload or select the image you’re using and hit the “Insert” button.

2. You’ll be taken back to the following page, now with a preview of the image in the “Preview” section below:

We’re going to go ahead and navigate to the second tab along the top: ‘Appearance’.

3. Next, the important part from a responsiveness standpoint is to set the width of the image as a percentage:

100% width will take up the entire width of your email. If you don’t wish your image to take up this much space, reduce the percentage accordingly. The percentage determines the proportion of the size of your image to the size of your email, regardless of the email’s size. So if you set the image at 25%, it will remain 25% of the email’s size no matter how you manipulated the email window.

4. Save and test! Check your email on a mobile phone if possible. Otherwise, view it online and resize your browser to make sure your images are reacting as they should.

The main takeaway here is you always need to make sure you’re using a width percentage and not a fixed width. Think of it like this: if you used a fixed width, it’s locked in place and will always remain the width it was assigned, whereas if it’s a percentage it knows to only take up a certain percentage of the screen.

If your images are fairly small (less than 300px or so), you don’t usually have to worry about them breaking your email and should be able to add them without much of a second thought.

This is a very basic technique which will ensure your email doesn’t lose its mobile responsiveness and break. It works best for larger images you wish to take up the entire width of your email. If you have different requirements, don’t hesitate to get in touch and a member of the team can assist you.