Google Analytics is a powerful reporting tool all digital marketers are familiar with. The depth of GA knowledge from one marketer to another, however, can vary significantly. Pre-configured reports and charts such as the Audience, Acquisition, Behavior and Conversions overviews are easy to access, and more importantly, rather intuitive to comprehend. Nevertheless, it shouldn’t come […]Continue reading
How important is leveraging data in wealth and asset management companies? “I think it is very important since it reveals a lot of essential information which is difficult to collect in any other way. The use of data becomes especially relevant for monitoring performance and investment activity. These processes can be effectively carried out based on […]Continue reading
You would be hard-pressed to find anyone remotely connected to the tech world who hasn’t heard the term “machine learning” recently. Technological innovators are constantly praising machine learning techniques and countless articles (including ours) deconstruct the newest applications based on machine learning strategies. But what is machine learning, really? Meaning In very simple terms, Continue reading
Building out your contact list is vital if you want to reach new, interested prospects while keeping your current clients engaged and informed. However, since there are so many different crucial elements which go into crafting a successful content strategy, email list management can quickly become one of those tasks that is perpetually placed at the bottom […]Continue reading
The most important consideration for any email marketer is their contacts. These people are going to define the success of anything you do, whether it’s gaining the opens and clickthroughs you need to reach your targets or the despair of receiving a flood of unsubscribes from uninterested recipients. Your contacts can make or break you! […]Continue reading