Email is a huge marketing channel for the financial services industry. The StoneShot marketing automation platform saw thousands of email campaigns sent per month through our platform BC (Before Coronavirus) and noticed a 25% increase AD (After Domestication). With the gargantuan effort dedicated to this one channel, it would be useful to monitor if the […]Continue reading
Email marketing is an efficient and cost-effective way to reach your contacts, but to see its full potential, it should not stop after the email deployments. The analysis of campaign metrics will provide important information that could help sales and marketing teams successfully work together. Marketing campaigns capture invaluable data that reveals your contacts’ interests […]Continue reading
Financial services brands largely rely on the open and click rates when analysing their email marketing campaigns as these metrics can help evaluate the performance of various marketing activities. However, in such disruptive times, marketers need to go beyond these numbers when interpreting the results. This is where advanced analytics come in – and this […]Continue reading
All-too-often, email marketers only skim the surface of their post-campaign reporting insight. When instead, you should be knee-deep in metrics in order to improve future email marketing campaigns. We compiled a list of the most common post-campaign reporting mistakes, and how you can avoid them to get the most from your valuable email campaign analytics. […]Continue reading
Tracking web engagement can sometimes be difficult for digital marketers of international organizations. Reporting and segregation are important but they can also be overwhelming. Luckily, there’s hardly a metric that Google Analytics lacks. As you probably already know, the Custom Report feature in GA can help you tailor any web report to your company’s unique needs and KPIs. You […]Continue reading
Google Analytics is a powerful reporting tool all digital marketers are familiar with. The depth of GA knowledge from one marketer to another, however, can vary significantly. Pre-configured reports and charts such as the Audience, Acquisition, Behavior and Conversions overviews are easy to access, and more importantly, rather intuitive to comprehend. Nevertheless, it shouldn’t come […]Continue reading