Planning an individual conference or event is demanding and labor-intensive. Add on more than a dozen different cities, venues, and guests, and you’ve got a stressful few months ahead. Hosting a successful roadshow requires lots of preparation, but more important than reserving the venue, gathering the speakers and hiring the lighting crew is nailing down […]Continue reading
Today in Washington D.C., thousands of United States citizens are flocking to the nation’s capitol building to witness a time-honored tradition that harkens back to the gilded age. The day promises parades, speeches, concerts, fancy galas, and as much pomp and circumstance as one city can handle. However, much like a wedding, the somewhat somber institution of […]Continue reading
At StoneShot we have developed an easy solution that allows your recipients to simply click a button to confirm or decline an event invitation. One click registrations is a super alternative that can be used where you have a list of invitees and know all their details such as email, first name, last name, phone […]Continue reading
Planning and hosting an event can be time consuming: managing the guest list, creating and scheduling emails, organising the venue and content, and it only gets worse when there are multiple venues, and sessions! The StoneShot events feature doesn’t just manage your registrants; the scheduler can help organise event emails, and send you and your […]Continue reading