Plain text emails are universally accepted and understood by everyone, and while often seen as a last-minute, auto-generated addition to your campaign, when used correctly, they can play a significant role in your marketing ROI. In this post, we’ll outline considerations for optimising your plain-text efforts, and common questions and benefits of using this type of email in your marketing strategy.Continue reading
Have you ever thought your email marketing processes can be easier? Chances are you are right.  High level of sensitive data, adherence to numerous compliance and legal guidelines, the necessity of accurate and seamless information flow across the business – all that adds up to the complexity of the financial services industry. The consumption of […]Continue reading
Transport Layer Security (TLS) is a protocol for privacy and data integrity between two communicating applications. Its encryption and endpoint identity verification establish a secured connection between two networks. It’s the most widely spread security protocol and its used by a wide array of applications, including web browsers, requiring a secure data exchange. There have […]Continue reading
Digital trends are indicating a general shift away from desktops and laptops. However, the financial services industry is still heavily dependent on traditional browsing devices like desktops and laptops. Many argue that a “mobile first approach” is not that important in our industry. Our Digital Marketing Survey has revealed just how competitive an advisor’s inbox […]Continue reading
Picking up where we left off in our Email Marketing 101 guide, it’s time to talk about creating and distributing email marketing campaigns. With these two guides combined, you’ll have the knowledge you need to start sending effective email marketing campaigns in no time! Campaign Building Once you’ve completed and agreed on the campaign brief with […]Continue reading
With how quickly email marketing technology advances these days, we often find ourselves focused on the stream of new, shiny tech that is just hitting the market. This spotlight on the cutting edge is fascinating to us since we’re inundated with all things email marketing, however, we sometimes lose sight of those with a cursory […]Continue reading